InstructorJedd Butler
TypeOnline Course
Certificate65% of quiz marks
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Created on Jun 3, 2017
Created on Aug 22, 2016
What you’ll get in this course

Having a good grasp of Microsoft Excel is very important, no matter what business you’re in. BUT imagine being able to do more.
This course is fantastic if you are a beginner or proficient user of Microsoft Excel.

Beginning with an introduction to the software and leading up to 15 formulas that will literally change the way use the software – allowing you to interrogate and manipulate information in Excel, like never before.

video-icon-smThe course has 10 videos totalling over an hour of 1 to 1 tuition. The series will walk you through the process of using Microsoft Excel and increase your understanding of it’s power.

ebook-icon-smThere is an Excel workbook attached to the first lecture of the series. This workbook allows you to work alongside the lectures and see for yourself how the software operates.

quiz-icon-smThere is a short quiz included in this course. The multiple choice questions will highlight the important areas you need to retain while working with Excel.

certificate-icon-smAfter all that work and quizzes, you’ll be looking to walk away with a course certificate to prove you’ve got the skills to make Excel do your bidding.

Section 1Business Spreadsheet Hacks
Lecture 1Introduction [6:51]
Lecture 2Excel 101 [9:20]
Lecture 3Customising Worksheets [3:07]
Lecture 4Cleaning Up Data [5:50]
Lecture 5Customised Formating pt1 [10:49]
Lecture 6Customised Formating pt2 [5:13]
Lecture 7Extracting Information pt1 [6:41]
Lecture 8Extracting Information pt2 [6:36]
Lecture 9Extracting Information pt3 [4:02]
Lecture 10Functions & Formulas [20:09]
Final Quiz