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Created on Jun 3, 2017
Created on Aug 23, 2016
What you’ll get in this course

It’s a fact, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and WordPress all need you to supply them with images for your profile or channel. These images promote you, your company and your products, so you want them to look good.

video-icon-smThis video has 14 video lessons and covers 4 different FREE photo manipulation softwares: Paint.Net, GIMP, WordPress (advanced image editor) and PicMonkey. The course walks you through creating the premiere quality images that will make sure you and your website look fantastic.

The best part is you don’t need any expensive software, all of the software used in the course is available FREE online.

The course is suitable for people using PC, Mac or Linux operating systems as the different softwares work on different platforms.
Watch the course once, twice or however many times you want, to get the most out of your training.

Section 1Paint.Net Photo Editor
Lecture 1Paint.Net Introduction
Lecture 2Paint.Net - The Full Tour
Lecture 3Paint.Net - Extras and Plug Ins
Lecture 4Paint.Net - Text Effects
Section 2Gimp Image Manipulation
Lecture 1Gimp - Introduction
Lecture 2Gimp - The Full Tour
Lecture 3Gimp - Adding Scripts
Lecture 4Gimp - Gradients & Text
Lecture 5Gimp - Glowing Text
Lecture 6Gimp - Raised Text
Section 3WordPress
Lecture 1WordPress Advanced Image Editor
Section 4PicMonkey
Lecture 1PicMonkey - Introduction
Lecture 2PicMonkey - Collage Maker
Lecture 3PicMonkey - YouTube Artwork
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