Buying & Selling Courses

Buying & Selling Courses

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Buying a Course

Buying a course on EATT is deliberately simple:

– Once you have an created an account all of your courses will be in one place. So you just ‘login and train’
– From your personalised dashboard you can browse your courses, check your quiz marks and print your Digital Certificates
– The ease of access means you can study anywhere – on the bus, at the airport, or even in the bath
– You can use any device – laptop computer or any mobile device, i.e. smartphone, tablet etc
– Course purchases are handled by PayPal, so you can be certain all purchases are secure
– EATT offers regular discounts and special offers to members

Unlike many platforms, we encourage trainers to test EATT trainees outside of the EATT platform to ensure they have a full understood the training material. This means you may be able to get additional certificates, to accompany your EATT course.

Selling a Course on EATT

We want to encourage smaller trainers to reach out to a larger audience and put their ‘smarts’ on the Internet. So trainers (big or small) now have a platform to provide their high-quality training to trainees, no matter where they live or work.

Trainers can:
– Offer full length courses with or without quizzes
– Drip feed lessons (daily, weekly, monthly)
– Offer courses for a limited time
– Offer content with no limitations on the number of lessons or content length
– You can use the platform to monetise one-off lectures, ebooks or podcasts
– You can test students and give Digital Certificates (hardcopy certificates are also available)
– Offer coupons and discounts

EATT is designed to function similar to platforms like UDemy but with a couple of advantages:

– All courses are sold with a simple pre-agreed revenue split
– We encourage trainers to test trainees outside of the EATT platform (off platform)
– No problems with using your own branding and links to social media, blogs, websites etc

Read EATT’s full Terms and Conditions

Producing a Course for EATT

The EATT platform will work with most types of media, but right now video is the hottest ticket. If you have video material to add that’s fine – we will check it over to ensure it’s roadworthy. If you don’t have video material then Guvnor Media can help you produce the material you need. We’re always happy to help, just ask.

Promoting Courses

You will no doubt be promoting your course through your own social media and mailing list. But you’re not alone! EATT has a rapidly expanding mailing list which covers Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube as well as our own email mailing list which reaches over 20,000 people per month.

Our Pricing Promise

We keep our costs down, so trainers don’t need to ‘hike’ their prices to remain profitable. We charge a simple, one-time admin fee £75/course* to place the course on the system, so you’ll soon begin making money from your courses. After that there are no monthly fees just a 20% commission** on each course which is sold. You get paid quarterly and you can check the courses you’ve sold through you own private dashboard.

We handle all of our payments through PayPal, so please remember to accomodate their fees when pricing your course.


Featuring your courses on EATT does not affect your ownership of the product or your copyright. We do not lay any claim to ownership and you can remove your material at anytime, in line with EATT’s Terms and Conditions.

Importantly, EATT does not insist on product exclusivity. You are free to offer your material elsewhere. All we ask is that the price quoted on EATT is competitive with prices offered elsewhere.

* , ** Administration and commissions fees may be amended or waived at the EATT’s discretion.